Genealogical and historical research

As devoted Cleveland natives we hold a deep appreciation for the city’s history and the diverse families that have enriched its tapestry. Prepare for a personalized journey through Cleveland’s past that goes beyond mere exploration 

We solve family mysteries and provide depth and context to your family history. We tell the story of how they lived, what they did and how they had fun

Cleveland’s past is interwoven with the lives of your ancestors. We’ll meticulously trace your roots through archives, cemeteries, libraries, historical societies, landmarks and hundreds of online resources to uncover the stories of your ancestors’ contributions to Cleveland’s rich tapestry.

Transforming into Timeless Legacies

Beyond uncovering your family’s history, we offer a unique opportunity to transform the wealth of information into tangible and lasting legacies. Our creative services extend beyond the research phase, allowing you to showcase your family’s narrative in visually stunning and meaningful ways.

Collision Bend - Cuyahoga River

Preserving Memories: Capture the essence of your family’s story in visually appealing formats that can be passed down through generations.

Shareable Treasures: Create shareable gifts that strengthen family bonds such as photo books, calendars, or custom-designed family trees.

Unique Personalization: Each creative output is uniquely tailored to your family’s story, ensuring a one-of-a-kind representation of your heritage.

Learn more about our personalized services.

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