How long does the research take?

The short answer is it depends. This is not one of the TV shows where in an hour you can trace your family back to the Mayflower! Since I focus on the Cleveland area I’ll have a good idea of the time frame after understanding your request.

Do you guarantee you can solve the mystery?

No, however I will only take projects that fit my skills. I will explain my research process and resources and help you decide if you should pursue further. Sometimes records are not available, destroyed, or there just isn’t enough information to locate what you need. I can refer you to other experts if they can better help you.

What’s the final product look like?

It can range from just providing records all the way to creating a family history memory book to chronicle your family story. We can create timelines, narrative reports, and family trees in various formats. I will provide all documents and source citations used in my research.

What about DNA?

I am not a DNA expert but can refer you to a DNA testing company where your results can be uploaded to one of the national ancestry databases for matches.

Panorama of Cleveland 1909
Panorama of Cleveland 1909
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