Standard Pricing Schedule

ServicePrices *
Ancestor Biographies $75 per ancestor biography
Family History & Tree Completion3 generation tree $300. Additional generation $150
Home & Area HistorySingle home $75 includes maps, plats, images
Mystery ResolutionStarts at $100
Records RetrievalVariable: Free with any other paid service
Breaking Down Brick WallsVariable: Free with the purchase of three or more services

*Custom Pricing

While many projects fit our regular pricing schedule , projects that are more complex or nuanced may need custom pricing. Here are the factors that will be considered when providing you a firm quote.

  • Determine Scope of Research
    • Just Record Retrieval & Raw Data
    • Neighborhood Canvass, Field Research & Photo’s
    • Pedigree or Complete Family Tree
  • Identifying & Collecting Source Material- Primary, Secondary Direct
    • Online and/or in field
  • Analyze Source Materials & Formulating Hypotheses
    • Include surrounding historical city and neighborhood events during the time period
  • Interpreting & Reporting Findings
    • Historical Narrative & Documents
    • Family Book of Life- Includes how the family over generations fit into the fabric of the area

Learn more about our research process.

Pricing Philosophy

My goal is to recoup my expenses (multitude of subscriptions, memberships, record retrievals and education) and have a little left over for an occasional 6 pack of Cleveland brewed craft beer. I’ll do many things for free if it takes a few online clicks or just pulling a record. I can’t see charging you for quick “free” public information and can refer you to the appropriate free archives or source. Check out my DIY- Free resources page for a list of my favorite research locations. My goal is to broaden your Cleveland history knowledge and weave together your story.

Tell us what you would like to learn and we will work with you to define the scope of the project and determine a price based on your needs.

Members of American Iron and Steel Institute inspecting the ore docks, Cleveland, Oct. 23, 1915
Members of American Iron and Steel Institute inspecting the ore docks, Cleveland, Oct. 23, 1915
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