Beyond uncovering your family’s history, we offer a unique opportunity to transform the wealth of information into tangible and lasting legacies. Our creative services extend beyond the research phase, allowing you to showcase your family’s narrative in visually stunning and meaningful ways.

Preserving Memories: Capture the essence of your family’s story in visually appealing formats that can be passed down through generations.

Shareable Treasures: Create shareable gifts that strengthen family bonds such as photo books, calendars, or custom-designed family trees.

Unique Personalization: Each creative output is uniquely tailored to your family’s story, ensuring a one-of-a-kind representation of your heritage.

Visit our blog to see examples of the types of content we can produce for you.

ServiceDescriptionPrices *
Ancestor Biographies Delve into the details, creating compelling biographies that illuminate the unique journeys of your ancestors.$75 per ancestor biography
Family History & Tree CompletionNavigate the intricate branches of your family tree. Leave no stone unturned, ensuring your family history is meticulously traced and documented.3 generation tree $300. Additional generation $150
Home & Area HistoryUncover the secrets held within the walls and streets of your home
or neighborhood. Our research extends beyond family connections to reveal the broader historical context that shaped the places you call home.
Single home $75 includes maps, plats, images
Mystery ResolutionSolve mysteries that linger in your family’s past. Whether it’s understanding the motivations behind your family’s migration to America or unraveling the untold stories of your ancestors.Starts at $100
Records RetrievalAccess a wealth of vital information, including birth, death, marriage, and divorce records, as well as civil and criminal dockets, journals, probate, immigration documents, and voter registration, among others.Variable: Free with any other paid service
Breaking Down Brick WallsOvercome genealogical challenges with our specialized services. Whether you’ve hit a dead end or need assistance navigating complex research, we’re here to provide innovative solutions.Variable: Free with the purchase of three or more services
These prices are typical for most projects based on our typical research process.

If your project is more unique we can set a custom price based on your particular needs. Learn more about custom pricing.

What would you like to learn about your family’s past?

We provide a variety of different services that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Contact us to learn more.

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